Who We Are

We love plants. We love nature. We love natural health. 


Our family is not new to natural health and the creating of natural body care products. As a young single mother, I used my love of creating all natural body care products as a means to earn money and to express my passion of using plants as skin care. Prior to easy access of the internet (the above photo is 1994), with my infant Son on my hip, I would sell at the local farmers market in Corvallis Oregon. 25 years ago, I didn't expect that my business would evolve to a platform like the internet, reaching people around the world, and all with the help of the baby that clung to my hip and brought smiles to all the market goers. 


Twenty-five years later, the world is ready for natural products, we're able to source from the globe (always our own yard first) excellent raw materials, professional packaging, and that baby has earned a degree in microbiology and brought his 21st century knowledge back home to share with my love of traditional beauty care and Master Herbalist diploma. We've been fortunate to bring more folks into the fold that are now the IB family.  

We are a family owned and operated company in the Pacific Northwest. We specialize in artisan products, growing, creating, and exploring new ways to produce quality products in house. Our family is a unique blend of healers, herbalists, farmers, artists, and scientists. We combine our knowledge and love of nature to utilize what naturally grows around us to create our products while also sourcing quality material from around the globe to create truly unique products. 


Like many folks, we've dipped in and out of healthful ways, experienced injury and pain (both physical and emotional), found success in natural health, and then sometimes fell off that wagon again. Each time is a glorious opportunity to learn and further propel us into a deeper understanding of wellness and a greater opportunity to strengthen that bond with Mother Earth, leading us back home. We've taken these moments as opportunities to grow. Most of the products we create come from a genuine need to be well or to help a loved one. Creating these products helps us connect to our bliss and being able to share those products creates joy and a connection with others. 

Feel free to browse around and we hope you'll check back often to see what's new! 

Big universal hugs, 

The Infinity Botanicals Family

All products made in St. Helens, Oregon