Calendula Oil 2 oz

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The vibrant oranges and yellows of calendula flowers are equally matched by their intense, sticky healing resins. I hand pick every single flower that is used in our infused oil from plants that have reseeded themselves and are never exposed to chemicals as they grow freely with our vegetables and herbs for consumption. Gently air dried then allowed 4 weeks to meld and infuse with olive oil produces a beautifully vibrant oil that can be used on skin needing an extra boost in healing. So strong is calendula's skin healing capabilities that it's advised to not use on fresh open wounds until it's been properly cleansed as the skin may heal closed too fast, trapping bacteria inside. Calendula's most common uses are as an anti-inflammatory for inflamed tissues such as varicose veins, rashes, and bug bites. Calendula also is supportive in other skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, athlete's foot, and diaper rashes.

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