Labdanum Oil 2 oz

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The first time I smelled labdanum my soul was instantly transported to a magical place. Though I couldn't quite put my finger on it, I knew this scent. It was the first essential oil I truly fell in love with. I put it in every blend I could, and spent much time trying to figure out new ways to put it all over my body. It wasn't long after my discovery that the perfume industry also latched on to it (it was apparently labdanum's time to shine). This drove up the cost and demand to an outrageous price that I couldn't justify charging my clients, nor did I want to be held hostage by the fashion industry, denied the scent that was so moving to me. So I found the raw resin and tried making it myself. I was exponentially more pleased with what I had made then what I had previously purchased! It is with great honor that I provide others the opportunity to purchase this oil. This is infused in olive oil, is quite thick so can be blended in to other oils or lotions. It is a resin so it's thick and sticky, but far more workable than the resin 'essential oils' that I've worked with. My preference is to mix it with a little carrier and use as a body oil.

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